Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Student safety walking in the dark

October 29th, 2019
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Dear Parents and Families, 

Related imageStudent safety is always our highest priority. 

As we move into late fall and winter is around the corner, the sun is coming up later every day. Without the reflective properties of snow on the ground, needless to say, it’s dark on our sidewalks, in our crosswalks, and around our parking lots when students are coming to school.  

Please make sure your child is visible in the dark when walking or biking to and from school. Reflective clothing or reflective tape are optimal. Make sure they are using sidewalks and crosswalks properly and following safe practices. 

We have ordered reflective tape for all students, and will be sending it home with instructions as soon as we receive the order. For more information on safety go to https://safealaskans.org/ 

As always, please call, email or stop by with questions. 

Adam Mokelke, Principal 
(907) 742-9000 
(907) 360-1059 cell

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Friday, October 18, 2019

STrEaM Staff Spotlight: Terri Draeger

STrEaM Staff Spotlight

Ms. Terri Draeger

One of the founding staff members of STrEaM Academy, Ms. Draeger started teaching when the school opened in the fall of 2016. Ms. Draeger was drawn to STrEaM by the focus on individual students and innovative teaching and learning. She is now in her 4th year at STrEaM Academy!

As one of the original teachers hired at STrEaM, Ms. Draeger has been instrumental in starting, building and growing our program. She has grown from an energetic first year teacher to a veteran educator and leader at our school. Ms. Draeger has personally developed the Robotics classes and after school club for our school, driving the STEM educational focus of our mission. Ms. Draeger currently teaches 6th grade Science and Robotics. Electives she offers include Rocketry and Home Economics. Her favorite thing about STrEaM is the hands-on and project-based teaching and learning, and the excitement of her students when they come to class.

Ms. Draeger and Mayor Berkowitz
Born and raised in Alaska, Ms. Draeger loves education and the great outdoors. She is an alumni of East High School's School Within a School program and graduated from the University of Alaska with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and a Master's in Teaching.

As for her time away from teaching, Bernie, her "goofy giant schnoodle" dog, goes with Ms. Draeger on family outings including biking, hiking, camping, fishing and even kayaking. Ms. Draeger has been a girl scout leader for the past 3 years, after being in the scouts her entire life beginning in kindergarten. Like at STrEaM, Ms. Draeger guides girls in earning badges in areas including STEM and outdoor skills.

In addition to opening a new charter school, developing curriculum and project-based learning, and
piloting Robotics, Ms. Draeger is a National Geographic Certified Geo-Inquiry Educator. Highlights in her teaching career include developing the cross-curricular Energy Project, which her students presented to the Mayor of Anchorage last school year.

Ms. Draeger can be reached at: draeger_terri@asdk12.org
Visit us at https://www.asdk12.org/stream
View all Science and Robotics assignments on Google Classroom!

Student-led conference week at STrEaM



Dear Parents and Families, 

The week of Monday 10/21 we will host Student-Led Conferences, on Wednesday and Thursday. Our APC election is held during conferences. We follow our regular early release schedule for both Wednesday 10/23 and Thursday 10/24. There is no school on Friday 10/25.

Student-led conferences: 

Student conferences are not by appointment: bring your student and come in at your convenience. Students will be prepared to show you their binders and portfolios, describing the projects, work and progress they have made. Teachers are on hand for guidance and general questions, but not in-depth meetings. If you need to meet and have further discussions with a teacher, you may schedule with them.

APC Elections:

During conferences we hold elections for our Academic Policy Committee (APC), the board which oversees our school. Parents, please pick up a ballot when you come in on Wednesday or Thursday and vote. The next APC meeting is November 13th at 5:30 PM in room 6. New members will be sworn in at this meeting. Parents and community members are always welcome and encouraged to attend. Minutes and agendas are posted on our website on the APC link. Thank you!

Monday 10/21: 

Regular Monday schedule, P. 1-7
First day of Quarter 2!

Tuesday 10/22:  

Full day schedule: P. 1-6 and 8 (advisory)

Wednesday 10/23:  

Early Release Schedule
Periods 1-3
Student lunch 11:30-12
Student release at 12:00
Teacher lunch 12:00-12:30
Student-led conferences 12:30-4:30

Thursday 10/24:  

Early Release Schedule
Periods 4-6
Student lunch 11:30-12
Student release at 12:00
Teacher lunch 12:00-12:30
Student-led conferences 12:30-4:30

Friday 10/25: 


Please call, email or come by with questions!

Adam Mokelke, Servant-leader

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Parent update 10/15

  10/15/19 Update

 Hello parents and families of STrEaM!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a busy day at STrEaM. Students will participate in the Juggle Mag assemblies throughout the morning. Tomorrow night from 5:00 to 7:30 we host the Girls in Science night in the auditorium!

There is no school this Friday 10/18. This is the last week of the first quarter, and quarter 2 begins Monday.

Next week we early release on Wednesday and Thursday for Student-Led Conferences. Full letter here: https://rapidsreport.blogspot.com/2019/10/student-led-conference-week-at-stream.html

No school:
Friday 10/18
Friday 10/25

I Am Project celebration and potluck Wednesday 10/30 at 5 PM. Please plan to bring a cultural or family dish to share!

Adam Mokelke

Thursday, October 3, 2019


STrEaM Staff Spotlight: Amy Bonertz, counselor

STrEaM added a counselor to the staff for the first time in 2019, hiring Amy Bonertz.
Although Ms. Bonertz was working in Edmons, Washington when she was hired, she has experience in East Anchorage schools. Ms. Bonertz worked at Bartlett High School for 5 years prior to leaving Alaska.

Ms. Bonertz and her husband are enjoying re-connecting with friends and family in Alaska after their long hiatus.   They missed Alaska, and are excited to once again be a part of the Anchorage community and to enjoy camping, real winters and the great outdoors.

After leaving Alaska, Ms. Bonertz spent two years at Fawzia Sultan International School in Kuwait.
She then moved to Washington state, working as a middle school teacher, an academic advisor at Edmonds College, and finally as a school counselor.

Ms. Bonertz and her husband Casey enjoy traveling, hiking, and camping. During their time in Kuwait, they traveled throughout much of the Middle East and Europe including: Sri Lanka, Turkey, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, and France.  Since then, they've been able to continue traveling, camping throughout the Pacific Northwest in Washington and Oregon, and they recently took a trip to Prague, Czech Republic and Salzburg, Austria.  

Growing up, Ms. Bonertz always knew she wanted to work in education.  Coming from a small town Nebraska, she is a product of small classes and a close community which has fueled her passion for what STrEaM Academy offers.  She believes being in a close community with small classes gave her the confidence needed to strive in high school and eventually get a master's degree.  It also gave her a sense of belonging, having a voice in classes and great relationships with teachers and classmates. 

As the school year starts, she says it's beautiful to see students excited about science, outdoors, nature, and being together.  Ms. Bonertz share, "I believe in STrEaM's vision and mission and being a part of this excellent program has rejuvenated my love of education.  In the first week of school, I've witnessed the power that STrEaM Academy has on its students and families and I'm humbled to be given the chance to make it even stronger." 
Ms. Bonertz is the FIRST counselor ever hired at our school, and the perfect fit for the STrEaM Dream Team. She is focused on building positive and supportive relationships with students, helping them to feel safe at school and comfortable in their growth and learning. She has stepped in and already taken a lead role with STrEaM's restorative practices. Please join us in welcoming her to our family!