Thursday, March 1, 2018

School Safety message

March 1st, 2018

Dear parents, friends and families,

In light of yet another horrific school shooting, I want to assure you that safety of our students is always our highest priority. We are reviewing all our safety and security measures at STrEaM. Steve Millions, the Wayland Baptist Building Manager and I met with the ASD Safety Coordinator last week here at STrEaM to review our processes and procedures. We came away with a list of recommendations and suggestions, on which we are following up. We will do everything possible to keep our school safe. 

As you know we follow the ASD safety framework called "ALICE." ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. A simplified way to look at this is, in order, "Get out, Hide out, Take out." We teach students first and foremost to evacuate the building in the case of an armed intruder. Our "rally point" is across the park, in the turnout on Northern Lights across from Carrs. If students can't "Get out" and evacuate the building, we enhance the traditional lockdown with "barricade" measures including securing handles and piling furniture in doorways, which we had students practice earlier this year. The last measure, as a last resort, is to "counter" using distractions such as yelling, throwing objects, even swarming an attacker if possible. This is the most frightening and controversial part of ALICE, so it is important to emphasize it is the last resort in a life or death situation. 

All our staff are ALICE trained, and we do quarterly drills practicing aspects of the framework. This week in our staff meeting Mrs. Staker, our trained ALICE instructor, reviewed our protocols and procedures and gave instruction to teachers. Teachers will review the ALICE framework and present an armed intruder scenario to students on Friday in Advisory. Students will think-pair-share responses to the scenario. Later this year we will practice a full evacuation, through the park to our rally point. We have ALICE and school safety as a recurring agenda topic for our staff meetings, and will look at different aspects of the framework each time we meet. 

We are sending out an ALICE flyer for all parents with this message. We are doing everything in our power to keep our school safe.  This topic is a terrible reminder of the dangers in our world, but I have hope knowing that each child we reach and build a relationship with will help make this world a better place. STrEaM Academy students are becoming the engaged citizens and leaders who can change this dynamic for the better. Please email, call or come by if you have any questions at all

Thank you all,

Adam Mokelke, Principal

Monday, February 5, 2018

Choose STrEaM!

Choose STrEaM!

February 2018

The 2018-19 schools lottery is open and February is "Visit Our Schools" month in ASD! STrEaM Academy is prepared to provide school tours every Tuesday at 9:30 AM. For many families, the tours are a part of the decision-making process in choosing a school to attend next year. What is STrEaM Academy and why should you choose us?

Our name, STrEaM, includes the "STEM" acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and adds important elements of research and the arts. We are a unique charter middles school serving 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Driven by our mission, "Anchorage STrEaM Academy empowers students to be involved learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens inspired by the natural world." How do we do this?

Curriculum and instruction at STrEaM centers around Project-Based Experiential Learning. This means the standards students must learn, know and do at each grade level are taught through an integrated, hands-on approach. Instead of traditional "sit and get" learning, teachers work together to design projects that incorporate STEM fields along with research and the arts. Projects encompass multiple standards, often involving several subjects. For example, in science and social studies students study energy by learning about renewable and non-renewable resources from scientific, social, political and economic perspectives. They simulate mining and oil drilling in labs, engineer wind turbines, focus on the viability of renewable energy resources like wind or hydroelectric in our community, and present Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on their topics as final assessments. The Project-Based Learning model engages students by providing choice and allowing them to explore interests, work hands-on,  collaborate in teams, engage in the community, research real topics and issues, and present to an audience. Teachers facilitating projects move from the "sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side," becoming facilitators of learning and empowering their students.

Hand and hand with Project-Based Learning at ASA is our focus on Experiential Education. We believe in getting kids outdoors and out in the community and environment in which we live. On a daily basis, we build in movement, activities, brain breaks, short recesses outdoors or walks in our local parks. Kids need exercise, activity and fresh air! On a broader scale, we plan at least once per month for a TREK (Teaching Research Education with Kids), a full-day field trip or excursion tied to learning and projects in our community and local environment. Our annual TREKs include trips to Arctic Valley and skiing at Russian Jack Park. Throughout the year guest presenters engage students on topics including STEM fields, wildlife, careers, local government, weather, energy and much more. Through these experiences our students are learning to be the future leaders and stewards of our community and environment.

The results of this approach to teaching and learning showed from our first year.  On the "Student Involvement" portion of the 2017 School Climate and Connectedness Survey, 65% of STrEaM students responded favorably, compared to the ASD average of 48%. Our students are engaged in learning and feel ownership of their education and their school. We expect even stronger results from the 2018 survey.

Climate and culture is critical to the health and success of students and a school. At STrEaM, we are dedicated to a positive, safe and engaging culture. Every student has a staff advisor and an advisory period, adding a smaller group of students for close support and a teacher who will help guide and mentor them. This year we have an enrollment of 110 students, with class sizes around 20 or less in most cases. For the 18-19 school year we project 150 students, and at the most we will grow to 300 students in the future. Our students care about their school culture. They elected to ban the "R" word last year in a show of solidarity and respect for people with disabilities, and understand we have no tolerance for bullying. Our students report far less bullying at STrEaM compared to other schools they've attended. We are and always will be a small school, which is conducive to a supportive, positive and safe family atmosphere.

Now over half way through our second school year, we are eager to meet the students coming to us next and joining our journey. Already, we are designing projects, planning TREKS, coordinating with presenters and organizing activities and events. We will add more STEM options like Coding and Robotics, and have 1 to 1 technology with student Chromebooks. Our facilities at Wayland Baptist were upgraded last summer, with the addition of two classrooms and an office upstairs, new carpeting downstairs, library shelves and a vastly expanded back yard area for recreation and play.

We are excited to begin year three with new adventures in education and a new core group of incoming students. Explorers wanted!

For more information: Call now 742-9000
Stop by between 8 AM and 4 PM at Wayland Baptist University on Muldoon, across from the Totem theatre .
Email the principal
Email the Admin. Assistant/front office
Visit our web page at
On Twitter @AKSTrEaMAcademy
Instagram @Anchorage_Stream_Academy

Monday, January 22, 2018

This Week @ STrEaM 1-22-18

This week at STrEaM Academy

For the week of January 22nd

Congratulations to the Rapids basketball team, placing 2nd in the Center Winter Tournament! Talia and Chris were named to the all tournament team!

1/22 Monday:                 “A” DAY PERIODS 1-4  
  • Weekly Staff meeting 3:15-4:30

1/23 Tuesday:                “B” DAY PERIODS 5-8
  • Russian Jack Ski/Hike TREK scheduled (weather permitting)

1/24 Wednesday:       Early Release Day  
  • Lunch @ 11:30, student release @ 12:00
  • GEOGRAPHY BEE! Final round 10:00 AM in the Auditorium
·       CHOIR- room 1
·       JIU-JITSU- room 6

1/25 Thursday:              “A” DAY PERIODS 1-4    

1/26  Friday:                   “B” DAY PERIODS 5-8

School Climate and Connectedness Survey begins next week!
See latest Rapids Report newsletter for details:
We go outside every day: Always dress for the weather
Order lunch online from Wooden Spoon! Delivered daily. SIGN UP HERE:

The lottery is OPEN for the 18-19 school year!
Returning students do NOT
have to apply

Friday, January 12, 2018

Rapids Report for January 12th, 2018

The Rapids Report for January 12th, 2018

Dear STrEaM friends and families,

Welcome back students, staff and families! We began a new semester and a new year this week. Our primary goal areas are still: school culture, planning, and communication.

School Culture: Our message to students is Start Strong! With new classes and a new year, it is a great opportunity to get a fresh beginning.We had an awards assembly this week recognizing our honor roll students and kicking off science fair projects. Students shared positives about our school, and what stood out was how much less bullying they experience here.

Planning: We plan ahead at ASA: teachers, principal and students. All students have new daily planners to record assignments, assessments and important events.
Important upcoming events include Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on Monday January 15th, and to honor his leadership and influence we do not have school. Our Russian Jack skiing TREK is January 23rd (permission slips due 1/18), and the Geography Bee is January 24th.  

Communication:   Communicating positively, regularly and professionally is one of our top priorities.  We will continue sharing a weekly “This Week @ STrEaM” update and the Rapids Report newsletter every other week. Staff will be sending out syllabi and information pertinent to new courses.
We’ve added a new option for school lunches! Wooden Spoon is a company that delivers a healthy hot lunch daily. Go to to sign up.

Focus on Safety:  Remember we follow the ALICE protocol: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. In the coming months we will review procedures with students and practice what to do in the event of a dangerous situation. Contact the principal or Mrs. Staker, our safety coordinator, with any questions or concerns.

Finally, please remember that part of our mission is to go outdoors and provide experiential education. Our goal is to go outside every day- rain, snow, sleet or hail. Please make sure students have proper clothing for inclement weather and please write their names inside jackets.

~Mr. Mokelke
(907) 742-9000 school  (907) 360-1059 cell

  • Order lunch online with Wooden Spoon!
  • No School Monday 1/15/18
  • The lottery is open!! New students apply now
  • 1/23 Russian Jack Park Skiing TREK (Permission slips due 1/18)
  • 1/24 Geography Bee
  • February: School tours, School Climate and Connectedness Survey

We are excited for school tours in February and will be conducting them at 9:30 AM each Tuesday starting 2/6. We also do individual tours any time by appointment.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: ASD designates Tuesday, February 27th at 6 PM as district-wide school tour night. This presents a schedule conflict for us: WBU will be in session with evening classes.
We cannot do an evening school tour on February 27th.

We are working with WBU facilities and reviewing the calendar to identify an alternate date for the evening school tour.

Thanks for your understanding. Please do help spread the word that STrEaM will NOT be doing a school tour at 6 PM on 2/27.

Academic Policy Committee (APC)
The APC (STrEaM’s board) meets the second Monday of each month.
The next meeting is Monday, February 12th at 6:15 PM.
Parents and community are always welcome!
Chairperson Whitney D’Atri can be reached via email at
Treasurer/Parent Liaison Caroline Storm coordinates volunteers and transportation including carpooling. Contact Caroline at

The lottery opened for the 18-19 school year on January 1st, 2018.
STrEaM is expanding! We plan to add two more classrooms and increase enrollment to 150 students!
Returning students do NOT have to apply.

Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB)
2018 School Climate and Connectedness Survey ©

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Anchorage School District is partnering with the Association of Alaska School Boards to conduct the School Climate and Connectedness Survey ©, a statewide survey that measures how students and staff view their school climate, and how connected students feel to adults and peers. These are all factors directly linked to improved academic achievement and reduced risk behaviors.
This survey will be administered to students in grades 3-12 at participating schools and to school staff during the week(s) of January 29 – February 9, 2018.
The survey measures student perceptions of: school safety, expectations for learning, student involvement, caring adults, respectful climate, how peers treat each other, connections between school and the community, and observations of other students’ risk behaviors at school and school events.
The survey is voluntary, anonymous, confidential, and does not ask questions about students’ families. The survey and information describing its purpose and benefits to the district are available at the school office, at the Assessment Department (Education Center) and on our website if you wish to review them. If you do not want your child to take the survey, please notify the school office in writing.
Results of this survey will help students, parents, staff, and the community to better understand the interactions and relationships among students, teachers, and staff that constitute each school’s social and academic climate, and to identify ways we can improve our schools to be more supportive, caring, and productive places for all students.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Adam Mokelke, Principal

Sign up for text updates through or  text @streamac to the number 81010
Visit our web page at
Twitter @AKSTrEaMAcademy  
Instagram @Anchorage_Stream_Academy