Friday, February 7, 2020

February Student-Led Conferences

February 7th, 2020

Dear STrEaM Families, 

We are already halfway through quarter 3! Every day we are gaining more daylight, and spring is around the corner.  

Next week we host Student-Led Conferences:

Student conferences are not by appointment: come with your student at your convenience between 12:30 and 4:10. Teachers are released at 4:30 pm: please arrive with sufficient time to complete your conference.  Students lead the conference, showing their portfolios and describing projects, work and progress. Teachers are on hand for guidance and general questions, but not in-depth meetings. If you need to meet and have further discussions with a teacher, you may schedule with them.

We will be hosting a Bake Sale to raise funds for the 8th grade capstone. We need donated items by noon Wednesday. Baked goods will be available for purchase during conferences. 


Monday 2/10: Full, regular schedule day periods 1-7
Tuesday 2/11: Full schedule day, P. 1-6 and 8 (Advisory)
Wednesday 2/12: 
P. 1 . 8:05-9:10 
P. 2 . 9:15-10:20 
P. 3 . 10:25-11:30 
Lunch 11:30-12 
Teacher Lunch 12:00-12:30
Conferences 12:30-4:30

Thursday 2/13:
P. 4: 8:05-9:10 
P. 5: 9:15-10:20 
P. 6: 10:25-11:30 
Lunch 11:30-12 
Teacher Lunch 12:00-12:30 
Conferences 12:30-4:30

Friday 2/14:  NO SCHOOL. Teachers half day

Monday 2/17:  NO SCHOOL

Feel free to contact us with any questions! 

Adam Mokelke, Principal

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Jessica Atkins, Teacher Assistant
January 2020:  Welcome our newest staff member, Jessica Atkins!

Mrs. Atkins joins our staff as a teaching assistant, which is a vital job supporting staff and students at STrEaM. During the first semester, Jessica volunteered at STrEaM, running a botany booth for Girls in Science night, and as an assistant coach with Mr. Mokelke in the after school boxing club. We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Raised in a military family, Jessica has lived all over the world. After living in Anchorage from age 9 to 14, her family moved and she graduated from high school in Arizona. Next, Jessica enlisted in the United States Navy.  While in the Navy, she earned an Associate of Arts in Chinese Mandarin from the Defense Language Institute and worked as a Chinese language translator stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

After her service, Mrs. Atkins attended the University of Maryland where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences. Following college, she worked as a botanist in Alaska focused on protecting natural environments from invasive species. Her dream is to apply her plant science knowledge to develop urban rooftop farms, addressing food inequalities and building sustainable self-sufficiency.

Jessica loves to travel and study world languages, and she is fluent in both Spanish and Mandarin. She enjoys working out, including her favorite sport, boxing. Jessica considers herself a foodie, and loves exploring restaurants and food scenes with her husband Quin.

After getting to know the program through volunteer work, Mrs. Atkins chose to work at STrEaM because she likes the focus on ecological stewardship, which aligns with her education and core values. Her favorite thing about STrEaM is the diversity of students and educational methods.

Welcome to the STrEaM Dream Team Jessica Atkins!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Family school climate survey

Dear STrEaM Families,

Thursday our students will took the School Climate and Connectedness Survey in Advisory. This survey provides very useful data on how our students feel about school, peers, and staff. Each year we include this data in goal setting to improve our program. For example, our goals of enhancing our school culture and positive climate this year led to adding a counselor, more frequent assemblies, STAR badges, focus on Social-Emotional Learning and changes in Advisory structure.

This year we would love for FAMILIES to take the survey as well! Please give us your feedback on our program. Go to the following link,, and use the code: streamfamily

Improvement cannot happen without feedback. At STrEaM we cultivate a culture of coaching, collaboration and feedback.  Please help us out by taking this survey. We appreciate your time and involvement!


Adam Mokelke, Principal

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

STrEaM program overview

Are you considering Anchorage STrEaM Academy charter for middle school (grades 6, 7 and 8)?

Here is a brief overview of our program to help make your decision, based on frequently asked questions. For a more detailed, in-depth dive into our program, read here:

We focus on Project-Based Learning: hands-on, collaborative research and cross-curricular education. Students are placed in grade-level classes for each core subject, with support and enrichment options in math and language arts. Electives change each quarter, and include options such as art, outdoor survival, dance, science projects and music.  Each student has an Advisory period for academic support and social-emotional learning.

We emphasize STEM across the curriculum, and offer classes in robotics, coding, rocketry and engineering. Most students have a STEM class in addition to their science class. Math options include Algebra, Geometry, even Algebra II.  All students have access to Chromebooks, and assignments are all on Google Classroom. To read an example of Project-Based STEM education, click this link:

Our students go outside every day! This experiential approach includes outdoor-based PE, frequent field trips, accessing local parks, and full day TREKs to places like Arctic Valley, Eklutna Lake, Cheney Lake and more. Classes utilize the outdoors and the community frequently for research and projects.

School is in session 8 AM until 3 PM, except on Wednesdays when we early release at 12:00 for collaborative teacher planning. Students bring their lunches and eat in classrooms, or sign up for lunch delivery with

We offer a variety of after school programs, and started our own sports teams for cross country running and skiing programs this year.

Learning at STrEaM Academy is hands-on, engaging and fun. #ExplorersWanted

Lottery application link

For more information:
Call now (907) 742-9000
Stop by between 8 AM and 3:30 PM @ Wayland Baptist University on Muldoon.
Email the principal:
Email Admin. Assistant:
Visit our web page:
Twitter @AKSTrEaMAcademy
Instagram @Anchorage_Stream_Academy

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Staff Spotlight on Megan Gatlin

Spotlight on Megan Gatlin, Teacher Expert, Project and TREK Coordinator

One of the original founding staff members at STrEaM Academy, Megan Gatlin does much of the work “behind the scenes” that makes our program special. As our Project-Based Learning and TREK Coordinator, Megan wears many hats and has a plethora of responsibilities, all tied to the mission and vision of STrEaM Academy.  Coordinating TREKS, field trips, excursions and outdoor experiences is an important part of Megan’s job. She also facilitates and supports Project-Based Learning, helping teachers to plan and implement projects and providing them with resources and professional development. With her strong science background, she is excellent at organizing STEM events, challenges, guest speakers and presentations. These three areas she supports constitute the three domains of the STrEaM mission: STEM, Project-Based Learning and Outdoor/experiential Education.

Megan has added “coach” to her role at STrEaM, helped by completing Cognitive Coaching training last year. She works closely with teachers to provide them feedback, support, coaching and mentorship. Working closely with STrEaM’s principal and leadership team, Megan helps to organize and provide professional development for staff aligned with the mission of the school.

Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, Mrs. Gatlin graduated from Sitka High School before earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Western Washington University. She went on to earn a Masters in teaching from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and is currently working on an Educational Leadership degree! Among her many hats, Mrs. Gatlin also serves as the acting administrator when Mr. Mokelke is away.

Megan’s spouse Ben also teaches in the Anchorage School District. Their daughter Olive, 4 years old, is a spunky fashionista who likes to ride her bike and catch bugs in cowboy boots. Megan, Ben and Olive love camping and exploring Alaska in their RV, being outdoors hiking and biking, gardening and spending time with their fuzzy black dog Louis.

Mrs. Gatin enjoys working at STrEaM because she loves getting students outside, spending time in wild places they haven’t been before and exploring nature. She loves supporting the dedicated and passionate educators at ASA as they work to make learning fun and meaningful.

Among her many accomplishments, Mrs. Gatlin has been nominated for ASD’s prestigious Denali Award, completed Cognitive Coaching and Adaptive Schools training, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. Her leadership has resulted in a school-wide recycling program at STrEaM. She has been vital to the development of STrEaM Academy over it’s first 4 years, and invaluable to staff and students. Mostly working quietly behind the scenes, she is the glue that holds our program together.

Contact Mrs. Gatlin at or (907) 742-9000
Visit us on the web at

Sunday, January 12, 2020

School Climate Connectedness Survey

January 2020

Dear STrEaM families,

Anchorage STrEaM Academy is partnering with the Association of Alaska School
Boards to conduct the School Climate and Connectedness Survey ©, a statewide
survey for students, staff, and families. This survey measures their perceptions of each school’s climate including the engagement of students, staff, and families.

The Student Survey will be given to students in Advisory on Thursday, January 23rd.  Students will complete the survey online at school.

The student survey will ask questions such as how students feel about school rules, their perceptions of how students treat each other, their relationships with staff, social and emotional skills, and observed risk behaviors of other students at school and school events. There are different surveys for younger students (grades 3-5) and older students (grades 6-12).

Family Survey: We also value input from our families. You are an important partner as we work to continually improve each school’s environment. Each parent/guardian is asked to complete one survey. If you have more than one child attending this school, you only need to fill out one survey. This survey is open January 20th and will be available during conferences.

All of these surveys are voluntary, anonymous, confidential, and do not ask questions about students’ families. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please notify the school in writing by January 16th.

More information on this survey is available on the ASD website, other if you wish to review them. Results from this survey will be used to identify student, staff and family perceptions of school climate issues within our school. School staff use the results to inform their efforts to ensure schools are safe, supportive, and caring places for all students.

Thank you for your cooperation in this year’s survey! Please call or email with questions.

Adam Mokelke

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Welcome back, Semester 2 letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back! Monday we kick off the second semester, which will be packed with dynamic projects, STEM activities, field trips, guest presenters, Robotics and Battle of the Books competitions, cross country skiing and more. We are excited to engage our students in high quality education!

It is COLD out! We will still offer the opportunity to go outdoors every day because this is Alaska! When it is below zero we won’t require students to go out for breaks. However, they still have the option. Please make sure students have proper winter clothing and are prepared for the weather. If your student is in need of gear, please see Mr. Mokelke or Ms. Biondich.

We’ve made changes to the master schedule, including new electives. Students should retrieve new schedules Monday morning in the lobby. Please call me with any schedule questions or concerns. As always, we strive to offer the most engaging options possible.

This week there is an APC meeting Wednesday at 5:30 PM, room 6.
Ski team practice begins Tuesday at 3:15 PM. Wednesday practice is at 7 AM! Students must have a permission slip prior to starting. Parents and volunteers are needed to support skiing: please contact Mr. Mozen to help out. He can be reached at

If you can help with supplemental lunches, please contact Mrs. Biondich at or 742-9000. Thank you again to those who have contributed!

We do have a position open for a classroom aide. Please apply online through ASD, or contact us for details! I would be happy to share more about the position and help with the application process.

The lottery for the 20-21 school year is now open. Current students do NOT need to apply. However, share with anyone interested in our program that the time to apply is now! Encourage prospective families to call, email or come by to learn more about our program

Mark your calendars: There is no school on Monday, January 20th.

This semester will be awesome! Thank you for choosing STrEaM,

Principal Mokelke
(907) 742-9000